The main service we provide is the constant focusing on your daily basis needs

We service the best analytic and technology mix on the market and include in the world standard management methodology practices to satisfy you and your business needs.

As a company we believe in the partnership that should be built between your business and our development and analytic team starting from contract elaboration to post delivery support. It's just a single way we can effectively and truly identify your needs, build the best development and resources plan and deliver the solution in time.

Our Services

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Big Data

You have a lot of data that doesn’t help you? You business processes are slow and not so powerful due-to a huge data you should operate with everyday? We can help you and make your challenges as opportunities.

Data mining

We extract and process your data from the different sources and upload it in any format your business needs. We automate this process to make it cheap for you.

Business intelligence

We’re experts in data management and data analuzing which allow us to establish end-to-end process from data collection to analyzing it by executives and managers. You can encoureage your CEOs to start using data in more powerful and efficient way than they do it today

Data analytics

Our high experience Business Analysts leverage their expertise and assist you to build your product strategy, find the best product solution and identify the most powerful way to deliver it to the customer.


We create different customer insights for your team and your partners. Those insights might be built on either your or external data. The diversity of your insight will bring your business visualization and clarity to the different level.

Business needs

There are multiple ways we can help you business leverage your competitive advantages globaly

New Development

We can help you to identify the main goals, build source plan, hire and create multi teams project, set up Agile development process, proceed working on CI/CD to imrove your budget KPIs.

Improve Legacy

You have the legacy tool that have a weak performance and doesn’t fit you business processes nowadays? We can help you to find the most efficient and beneficial way to improve the solution and leverage your main competitive advantages.

Customize Third-Party

You bought the tool that does everything except what you need? You can put your data to your new tool in the required format? The third-party solution shows the weird result due-to the data quality you bring in? Our Technology and Business Analysts team will help you to obtain the required benefit from the tool through data analyzing, data conversion and transformation, proper data loading.

Success Stories

Everyday price and promotion analytics
Retail | Customize tool
With Everyday Analytics, you don’t have to only reserve analytics for future strategic decisions or select brands and markets. Now, your entire business has a fast, intuitive way to access sophisticated analytics for day-to-day decision making.
Revenue Management & Optimization
Manufactury | New development
It's a huge and in the same time flexible toolkit that allow manufacturers optimize and plan his catagory promotions, combine them in the best combination and then collaborate with retailer to get an agreement to run them in store. The tool allows to do the best price, volume and promotion decision accros products and stores.